Friday, August 01, 2008

World's largest horseshoe crab promotes creationism through motorcycle jump

Baltimore's Columbus Center Maritime Museum had the world's largest horseshoe crab model built for them--it is 68 feet long, 28 feet long, and has a 13-foot-high domed ceiling (apparently you can go inside it). The museum was in need of revenue, so it sold the giant horseshoe crab to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum as it was under construction. AiG realized that the crab was too large to fit in their museum, and so they gave it to the Freedom Worship Church in Blanchester, Ohio. That church put the crab into a "scripture garden" and a "fossil courtyard," where it is used to argue for creationism on the grounds that the horseshoe crab has not evolved over time and exhibits evidence of design as "a true gift from God, with its blood being used as a clotting agent for disease in scientific research." And now it is going to be jumped over with a motorcycle for a fundraising event called "Crabfest," by Evel Knievel's former bodyguard, Gene Sullivan.

How could anyone fail to be convinced by that?

(Via the Wilmington News Journal, Ohio.)

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