Friday, August 15, 2008

Arizona Republicans turn on themselves

On August 7, the Arizona Republic reported:

The race for a state Senate seat in west Mesa broke out into a wide-open brawl Wednesday, with allegations that Rep. Russell Pearce attacked his wife nearly three decades ago and Pearce's campaign firing back that the charge is false and the height of sleazy campaigning.

A mailer sent to voters in west Mesa cited a divorce petition that LuAnne Pearce filed in 1980. In it, she charges that her husband had a violent temper, hit her and shoved her. The petition also says that two days before the filing, Pearce "grabbed the wife by the throat and threw her down."

The petition was later withdrawn, and the Pearces remain married.
This mailer came from an organization called Mesa Deserves Better, chaired by Republican fundraiser and dirty tricks operator Nathan Sproul, who is former head of the Arizona Republican Party and former head of the Arizona Christian Coalition. Sproul was previously mentioned on this blog during his support of the failed gubernatorial campaign of Len Munsil, when he was complaining about a campaign by a deceptively-named group called the "Arizona Conservative Trust" that criticized Munsil.

Another mailer from Mesa Deserves Better made reference to Pearce's connection to J.T. Ready of Mesa, a white supremacist who has taken part in neo-Nazi rallies. Mesa Deserves Better also rightly opposes Pearce's anti-immigration stance.

Sproul is known nationally for engaging in deceptive tactics in multiple states to help George W. Bush and other Republicans get elected by forming "get out the vote" organizations which worked to get Republicans registered to vote and to deter or discard Democrative voter registrations.

In reality, the Republican would be better off without Pearce or Sproul.

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