Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tom Willis suggests labor camps for evolutionists

Tom Willis, the creationist behind the "Lucy's knee joint" claim I debunked in a Talk Origins FAQ, who in June stated that evolutionists should be "violently expelled" from the United States or denied the right to vote, now says that evolutionists should be imprisoned in labor camps.

I think Mr. Willis is either a lunatic or desperate for attention. I think he should get the latter, as a poster boy for creationist rationality.

I discussed Willis and the Lucy's knee joint claim in the fourth ApostAZ podcast.

(Willis is not actually in Kansas, but in Missouri, where he runs "The Berry Patch.")

UPDATE: Ed Brayton has a more detailed take-down of Willis' latest at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

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Eamon Knight said...

From my brief skim I would say Willis is joking -- in a very boorish, obnoxious and un-funny way, but joking nonetheless. In the wake of the Knoxville UU shootings, it's doubly boorish, obnoxious, un-funny and irresponsible, too.