Saturday, August 09, 2008

FFRF billboard update

The FFRF billboards are going to start earlier than planned, and unfortunately the first one will be up on August 18, when I'll be in Maryland.

Here's the new schedule:

Billboard #2501 Start Date: August 18 -- 19th Ave. and Fillmore
Billboard #2005 Start Date: August 25 -- Jefferson and 13th St.
Billboard #2911 Start Date: August 25 -- McDowell and 14th St.
Billboard #1103 Start Date: September 1 -- 3rd Ave. and Van Buren
Billboard #1245 Start Date: September 8 -- 7th St. and Coolidge

Each billboard will be up for one month, so the billboards will be up from August 18 to October 8 instead of from September 1-October 1.


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