Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There's a reason you've never heard of "bus rage."

Bad timing for this ad campaign. I suppose Greyhound will be looking for a new ad agency?


Einzige said...

Holy Christ!

What would inspire a person to such heights of sheer insanity?

What's the new ad campaign going to be?

"Greyhound. We drive you insane."

Eamon Knight said...

That campaign was already running. Greyhound seems to be pulling the posters as fast as they can find them.

Now PETA's new campaign, OTOH....

Jim Lippard said...

For anybody who hasn't heard of it, the new PETA ad says "An innocent young victim's throat is cut" and "The man with the knife shows no emotion," referring to slaughtering animals. They wanted to run it in the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic, a Canadian newspaper that refused the ad. You can see the ad here.

I find PETA very annoying in that they kill animals for no reason--they euthanize nearly every animal that comes into their hands (97% of them), even if they are adoptable animals. (Isn't it better to kill animals for food, clothing, and medical research than for *no reason at all*?) They're pretty clever about getting free publicity with their over-the-top ad campaigns, though.