Saturday, August 02, 2008

ApostAZ podcast #6

ApostAZ podcast #6 is up:
Episode 006 Atheism and Freethought in Phoenix- Go to for group events! Jim Lippard teases three cool books. "Squared" from Greydon Square's 'The Compton Effect'. Evolution Laments God of the Gaps. Saying Naughty Words. Bad reasons to be an atheist. Outro from 'Dream' Greydon Square's Album 'The Compton Effect'
Comments: The podcast gets better each time. I disagree with the idea that everyone who is an agnostic is just trying to be politically correct, or is fence-sitting out of non-rational reasons. John Wilkins and Paul Draper are two examples of philosophers who are agnostic because they have rational reasons for thinking that there is some balance between arguments for and against the existence of gods, that there aren't methods for weighing such arguments, or that there isn't sufficient evidence to conclude that gods exist or do not exist.

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John Wilkins said...

Thank you, Jim. Now, can you convince his PZedness and Moran?