Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bowl-a-Rama success

Yesterday we participated in the 6th Annual PACC911 Bowl-a-Rama on Arizona RESCUE's dog team. I bowled in the cat team's lane and brought down their average score, helping the dog team to another win--apparently Nintendo Wii bowling doesn't help train for the real thing. The event had a morning and afternoon session; RESCUE was in the morning session from 10-12:30. RESCUE came in second place for "loudest cheer," which added another $50 There were about 60 groups participating in the morning session which raised a total of about $122,000--of which RESCUE alone raised $42,000! Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts and to Lisa and Einzige for coming out to the event to cheer us on!


Danny Boy said...

What were your scores?

Jim Lippard said...

I just played one game. I scored almost twice as high as Barack Obama's game in Altoona, PA--he got 37, I got 70.

I've never been a great bowler, but last time I bowled in Bowl-a-Rama a few years back, I did at least break 100.