Sunday, August 17, 2008

ApostAZ podcast #7

The latest ApostAZ podcast is out:
Episode 007 Atheism and Freethought in Phoenix- Go to for group events! Monthly Meetup Epilogue. Debate Tactics and Rhetoric. Sweden Rules Against Prayer as Truth: Prayer and Aggression. Obama and Faith Based Initiatives. Pickett Church? Aggression study: Greydon Square's Album 'The Compton Effect'
Funny analogy from Shannon: "Prayer is a homeless dude on your couch."

Charity Navigator is another site similar to CharityWatch.

Shannon incorrectly states that McCain is a creationist. He's not. And the Creation Museum is in Kentucky, not Tennessee.

Picketing churches on the basis of its beliefs and doctrines is a terrible idea that should be left to Fred Phelps and similar kooks. The picketing of the Church of Scientology has generally been based on its behavior, not its doctrines--to the extent the focus is on opposing criminal behavior, that's reasonable.

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