Friday, August 25, 2006

Phoenix comes in at #22 in Forbes list of drunkest cities

Phoenix made the list of Forbes magazine's "drunkest cities" in America, coming in at #22. 35 cities for which the appropriate data were available were ranked on levels of alcoholism (actually, based on number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the city), number of binge drinkers (from CDC survey data), per-capita drinkers (from CDC survey data), per-capita heavy drinkers (from CDC survey data), and state laws about alcohol (with least restrictive laws counting towards "drunkest"--it would be interesting to see if there is any correlation between this measure and the others). The specific ranking measurements are described here.

The full list:

1. Milwaukee
2. Minneapolis-St. Paul
3. Columbus
4. Boston
5. Austin
6. Chicago
7. Cleveland
8. Pittsburgh
9. Philadelphia (tie)
9. Providence (tie)
11. St. Louis
12. San Antonio (tie)
12. Seattle (tie)
14. Las Vegas
15. Denver/Boulder
16. Kansas City (tie)
16. Cincinnati (tie)
18. Houston
19. Portland
20. San Francisco-Oakland (tie)
20. Washington-Baltimore (tie)
22. Phoenix
23. Los Angeles
24. New Orleans (tie)
24. Tampa (tie)
26. Norfolk
27. Dallas-Fort Worth
28. Atlanta (tie)
28. Detroit (tie)
30. Indianapolis
31. Orlando
32. New York
33. Miami
34. Charlotte
35. Nashville

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