Thursday, August 03, 2006

Discovery Institute repays kindness with slap in the face

After Paul Nelson was misquoted in the Guardian, this was discovered by Nick Matzke of the National Center for Science Education and pointed out at the Panda's Thumb blog. Here's how Robert Crowther at the Discovery Institute reports the misquotation and Nelson's letter and blog post thanking Matzke for pointing out the misquotation:
Today there is another urban myth building up a head of steam, and being helped along by Darwinists, about Discovery Fellow Paul Nelson. Gaurdian [sic] reporter Karen Armstrong reports: 'Great shakings and darkness are descending on Planet Earth,' says the ID philosopher Paul Nelson, 'but they will be overshadowed by even more amazing displays of God's power and light.' And yet this is pure rubbish because Nelson never said anything like this, and it turns out that Armstrong never even interviewed him. Nelson points this out in his letter to the Guardian demanding a correction. (Note to Paul: don’t hold your breath)
Emphasis added.

I can think of numerous examples of nonsense, misquotes, bad arguments, and urban legends that are spread around by the creationists (there are many in Mark Isaak's index to creationist claims, including the "Lucy's knee joint" issue that I tried for years to stop creationists from spreading), but real examples of urban myths "being helped along by Darwinists" are much harder to come by. Crowther supplies no evidence that this spurious Paul Nelson quote has been "helped along by Darwinists"; the evidence I have shows that evolutionists were the first to try to stamp it out.

(Hat tip: Dave Thomas at the Panda's Thumb.)

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