Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jon Ronson on Indigo Children

Jon Ronson (author of the excellent books Them: Adventures with Extremists and Men Who Stare at Goats) has a column at the Guardian Unlimited website on indigo children:
Eight-year-old Oliver Banks thinks he sees dead people. Recently he thought he saw a little girl with black hair climb over their garden fence in Harrow, Middlesex. Then, as he watched, she vanished. When Oliver was three he was at a friend's house, on top of the climbing frame, when he suddenly started yelling "Train!" He was pointing over the fence to the adjacent field. It turned out that, generations earlier, a railway line had passed through the field, exactly where he was pointing.

"Well, then," Simone replied, "do you think Oliver has ADHD?"

Dr Munchie said no. She said it sounded very much like Oliver was in fact a highly evolved Indigo child - a divine being with enormously heightened spiritual wisdom and psychic powers. Oliver couldn't concentrate, she explained, because he was being distracted by genuine psychic experiences. She said Indigo children were springing up all over the world, all at once, unconnected to one another. There were tens of thousands of them, in every country. And their parents weren't all new age hippies. They were perfectly ordinary families who were realising how super-evolved and psychic their children were. This was a global phenomenon. Soon the Indigo children would rise up and heal the planet.

Ronson treats the insufferable indigos with the appropriate level of respect. I hope that this nonsense fades away soon (despite the support of Jenny McCarthy). If it doesn't, I'll have to join in the fun--I think our dogs show some signs of being indigo animals...

(Hat tip to Terry Colvin on the SKEPTIC mailing list.)

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