Friday, August 11, 2006

Hate mail from suggestion that Jesus was a liberal

There's a website,, which suggests that Jesus was a liberal. (I'd go further and suggest that Jesus offered some views which were close to communism.) This site has provoked some interesting hate mail which seems somewhat at odds with what Jesus would do.


Richard Bennett said...

Jesus' hippie liberalism is a matter of public record, and some blasphemers speculate that he must have been gay to boot.

I like to ask my Christian friends questions about Jesus in the contemporary setting, like:

* If Jesus was a baseball player, what position would he play?

* If Jesus was a programmer, what platform and specialty would he pursue?

* What would Jesus order at Starbucks? McDonalds? Your local tavern?

But my favorite testing-the-faithful observation has to do with the products of immaculate conception necessarily being female. They really don't like to hear that.

David Siegel said...

It sure is a clever way to sell T-shirts, you have to give them that.

JesusLiberalPaul said...

Thanks for noticing our site.

I also like to ask what I call Jesus Koans: "Who would Jesus Bomb?" and "Who would Jesus Torture?" and "What animals would Jesus exterminate and make extinct?" and "What kind of Automatic Weapon would Jesus own?" and "Would Jesus Kill first and let his Father sort them out?"

The reactions can be fairly amazing.

We've also had death threats - some implied, some very direct. It is stunning how much hate is espoused in the name of Jesus, Mohammed, etc.

Dave, the t-shirts only came after we had enough requests for put in an order. In the past 2 years we've sold only about 475. The bumper stickers are far, far more popular.

Bottom line, it's all about re-framing Jesus in His original light and intention.

Spread the word. Thanks for visiting.


Jesus Is A

Einzige said...

I wonder how much hate mail we'd generate if we started the site

I submit that the case for that is much stronger than that he was a liberal.