Monday, June 12, 2006

Network security panel in Boston area

I'll be on a breakfast panel for MassNetComms on June 28 in Newton, MA, on this subject:
Secure Carrier Infrastructure in the IP Network
When customers talk to the suppliers of network services, whether VoIP, or broadband, or wireless, their most important requirements are associated with network security. Breaches in network security impact reliability and availability, with devastating revenue and competitive consequences. Service providers who demonstrate cost-effective security at all layers of the network and applications will be able to differentiate their services in an increasingly competitive market. The need for security is creating more demand for outsourced managed services, and thus a business opportunity for the carrier. Are carriers recognizing that security is integral to the value proposition? As the major carriers continue to invest in infrastructure, how does the architecture support network security?
More information about this event at the MassNetComms site.

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