Thursday, June 22, 2006

Matt Stoller refuses to come clean

Matt Stoller at MyDD wrote a blog post titled "Please lie to me about Net Neutrality" in which he repeated Tom Foremski's statement about Cox blocking Craigslist with a "blacklist," even though he was already aware that the issue had nothing to do with a blacklist. Now that the facts are well-known and accepted (including by Craig Newmark), he now insists that he never said anything to imply that Cox was intentionally blocking Craigslist, contrary to the written record, and accuses George Ou and David Berling at ZDNet of being "lying liars."

Look, Matt--why don't you just show some integrity and admit that you were mistaken to continue to repeat Foremski's statement after you knew there was no blacklist, and mistaken to claim that this issue has something to do with the kind of discrimination that network neutrality regulations intend to prohibit. When caught uttering falsehoods that you should have known were falsehoods, you should come clean and apologize, rather than engage in ad hominem arguments against those who point it out. Your continued demonization of your adversaries damages your credibility.

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