Friday, June 09, 2006

Net Neutrality Index

This post serves as an index to the net neutrality posts on The Lippard Blog. I'll update this post with any future posts on the subject.

"Net Neutrality" (February 12, 2006) Critique of Bill Thompson's argument for net neutrality.

"Geddes on net neutrality"
(February 14, 2006) Comment on and link to good Martin Geddes blog post on net neutrality.

" Spamming for 'net neutrality'" (March 9, 2006) How Common Cause deluged Mark Cuban with spam after depicting him with devil horns for not backing net neutrality.

"Talking Points Memo gets it completely wrong on COPE Act"
(April 22, 2006) Critique of Josh Marshall and Art Brodsky's bogus claim that the bill transfers control of the Internet to the telcos (who have a much smaller percentage of consumer Internet customers in the U.S. than the cable companies).

"Misinformation in defense of net neutrality" (May 7, 2006) Critique of Adam Green and Matt Stoller who repeat the common misconception that common carriage requirements have applied to the Internet, which is the basis of their calling Mike McCurry a liar.

"Net Neutrality and Last-Mile Connectivity: An Analogy"
(May 8, 2006) An analogy about net neutrality and last-mile connectivity in terms of taxicabs, in an attempt to elucidate some of the major points and misconceptions.

"Net Neutrality and the Pace of Innovation" (May 17, 2006) A look at the pace of innovation in the Bell System under monopoly in light of calls for nationalization of "the Internet backbone" (as though there is one such thing) by net neutrality advocates.

"Misinformation from 'Save the Internet'" (May 19, 2006) A critique of "Save the Internet"'s critique of the "Hands Off the Internet" flash animation cartoon, which seems to repeat the common confusion that common carriage requirements have applied to the Internet.

"Bad unintended consequences of HR 5417" (May 19, 2006) A criticism of the Sensenbrenner net neutrality bill.

"Yglesias on McCurry" (May 19, 2006) Critique of Matthew Yglesias on net neutrality guest blogging at Talking Points Memo.

"Net Neutrality and Fair Use"
(May 22, 2006) Disagreement with Larry Lessig about an analogy between net neutrality and fair use. (I tend to agree with Lessig on intellectual property issues, at least about the dangers of ever-extending copyright terms, lack of registration requirements, and DRM.)

"Hillary Clinton and Net Neutrality"
(May 23, 2006) The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton's support of net neutrality on the grounds of protecting free speech (as pointed out by Adam Thierer).

"Consumer broadband last-mile competition in the Phoenix metropolitan area" (May 24, 2006) A summary of actual broadband options in the Phoenix area, listing eight separate providers.

"Net Neutrality expands to absurdity" (May 24, 2006) Critique of net neutrality advocate Jim Durbin, who thinks corporate web filters are a violation (which presumably he thinks should be made illegal). Also comment on Glenn Harlan Reynolds on pirate WiFi in the enterprise.

"Newmark vs. McCurry on net neutrality" (May 24, 2006) Comment on Craig Newmark's debate with Mike McCurry in the Wall Street Journal, in which Newmark is mightily confused about the technical facts.

"Dave Siegel on QoS and net neutrality" (May 26, 2006) Link to Dave Siegel blog post that summarizes how QoS is used in Global Crossing's network, and to a presentation by Xiao Xipeng on the same topic.

"Save the Internet: Fighting astroturf with astroturf"
(May 26, 2006) How "Save the Internet" has generated astroturfed letters-to-the-editor while condemning astroturf from the telcos. I condemn both.

"More on last-mile options in Phoenix"
(May 27, 2006) A response to criticisms of my list Phoenix-area broadband options from Douglas Ross.

"The Abstract Factory on net neutrality" (May 31, 2006) A link to a good commentary on net neutrality and astroturfing telco shills.

"Kevin Drum gets it wrong on net neutrality and common carriage" (June 1, 2006) Kevin Drum repeats the common misconception that common carriage requirements have applied to the Internet.

"Worst net neutrality analogy ever?" (June 1, 2006) A critique of Susan Crawford's horrible sidewalk analogy.

"George Ou explains QoS to Russell Shaw" (June 10, 2006) In a ZDnet debate, George Ou gives a good simple explanation of QoS to someone who wants to regulate something he doesn't understand.

"Martin Geddes on net neutrality, federalism, and U.S. vs. EU" (June 12, 2006) Link to a nice piece on Geddes' Telepocalypse blog where he provides links to his past positions on network neutrality and compares the U.S. to EU, and their respective regulatory regimes to networks.

"Verizon's Thomas Tauke on net neutrality" (June 12, 2006) Quote from and link to a Declan McCullagh interview with Thomas Tauke of Verizon about net neutrality.

"Bennett on Free Press net neutrality 'facts'" (June 12, 2006) Richard Bennett shows that the Free Press's network neutrality facts are mostly fiction, argues against the anti-QoS provision of Snowe-Dorgan and Markey in a note to Sen. Boxer, comments on tomorrow's Senate hearing, and on Matt Stoller's acting as a spokesman for admitted ignorance.

"'Hands Off the Internet' writes about me, then thinks better of it" (June 15, 2006) A post from the HOTI blog about me, recovered from Google cache. (Most of the content is actually excerpted from my own blog, with a bit of HOTI commentary.)

"The New Republic supports net neutrality, based on error" (June 15, 2006) The editors of The New Republic join the crowds of net neutrality supporters who incorrectly think that common carriage requirements have applied to ISPs and the Internet.

"Douglas Ross's Network Neutrality Index" (June 16, 2006) A link to an index of blog posts by an advocate of net neutrality regulation.

"Demonization of adversaries is wrong, Matt Stoller"
(June 16, 2006) A criticism of part of Matt Stoller's presentation at YearlyKos.

"Andrew Kantor changes his mind on net neutrality" (June 16, 2006) The USA Today technology columnist no longer supports net neutrality regulations.

"Matt Stoller lies about site blocking"
(June 18, 2006) Matt Stoller falsely attributes a problem between and Cox's PC firewall software to the kind of discriminatory site blocking he thinks net neutrality regulations are needed to prevent--after already being informed of the real cause.

"Update on Cox blocking of Craigslist" (June 20, 2006) Update on who's said what, and a bit more detail on the underlying problem in which I disagree with placing blame on Craigslist.

"Content providers and ISPs: who really has the stronger hand?"
(June 21, 2006) A look at a case of "reverse network neutrality" involving ESPN360 blocking access to ISPs.

"The future of connectivity options"
(June 22, 2006) Telco 2.0 looks at a variety of business models for different types of connectivity and projections for how they will change in significance over the next decade. It would be a bad idea to impose regulations which stifle innovation by prohibiting some business models.

"Matt Stoller refuses to come clean"
(June 22, 2006) Matt Stoller, caught in falsehood, tries to avoid responsibility for his statements and instead accuses others of being "lying liars."

"A version of network neutrality I can endorse" (June 22, 2006) I attempt to put forth a minimal, non-FCC-regulated version of "Lippard Network Neutrality" that I think is reasonable, and explain how it differs from what many network neutrality advocates are supporting.

"Craigslist no longer uses TCP window size of 0" (July 14, 2006) Update on the Craigslist/Cox issue.

"VoIP quality degradation shows need for prioritization" (July 27, 2006) Brix Networks study shows quality of VoIP calls has declined over the last 18 months due to competition for network resources.

"ACLU incompetence and misinformation on net neutrality" (November 3, 2006) The ACLU comes out in support of network neutrality, making many of the same erroneous arguments which have been debunked here before, such as confusing common carriage with IP-layer nondiscrimination.

"Netroots and telecom" (July 19, 2008) Discussion about the description of the Netroots Nation "Big Telecom" panel and an Art Brodsky column about it.

"New Markey/Eshoo net neutrality bill"
(August 3, 2009) Brief comments on the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009.


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Jim, check out Andy Kessler's article at The Weekly Standard

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Lippard said...

Tom, thanks for the reference. Pretty good article, though I have an aversion to the eminent domain strategy... I agree with him about the difficulty in backing the telco side--they have been rent-seeking monopolists who have been extremely poor at innovation, but I think nationalizing them would make that problem even worse.