Tuesday, June 20, 2006

China's mobile death vans

BLDGBLOG has some photos and information about China's mobile execution chambers, used to bring state lethal injection capability to poor localities that can't afford to build their own execution facilities. Amnesty International says they have evidence that Chinese police, courts, and hospitals are engaged in the organ trade, and suggest that the mobile death vans may be involved.

BLDBLOG cites USA Today reporting that there are 68 different crimes punishable by death in China, more than half of which are non-violent offenses such as tax evasion and drug smuggling. All executions are recorded on audio and video, and shown live to the local law enforcement authorities.

The only other country which had mobile death vans that I'm aware of was Germany under Adolf Hitler. The Einsatzgruppen's mobile killing units were known as "death vans," which used carbon monoxide gas for execution.

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