Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pastor Arrested for Trying to Have Fun

This story, which came to my attention via the No God Zone, has me incensed. When you first read it, you get the impression that the adamantly anti-gay Pastor offered money for homosexual sex (the word "soliciting" along with the word "prostitute", seen in some versions of the story, conveys exactly that, to me).

While you might agree with me that such an act is entirely harmless, it is clearly illegal, so the arrest of the Pastor comes as no surprise (and in spite of the ultimate injustice of such laws, in the case of this particular Pastor, I can't help but exclaim a rousing rendition of Nelson's "Ha-ha!" - especially if he's even half as out of his mind as this wacko). However, as the No God Zone points out, no such offering of money took place.

So, while the Pastor may be - nay, is - a hypocritical asshole, he apparently was arrested and had his car stolen (a.k.a., "civil forfeiture") for simply asking another guy if he wanted to have sex. The real assholes in this story are the cops, who, it seems, just wanted to harass gays out for a good time in Tulsa, while padding their department budget.

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