Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dead In Christ

Maureen, of "Fucktard" fame, was apparently exposed by Justin, at fifteen minutes, as a college student at WVU, and not the poor uneducated woman she claimed to be. By all appearances, she has deleted the Dying in Christ blog and her own Blogger profile.

Justin just posted this (off-topic) comment about it over at Die Eigenheit:

I mainly posted those ones you found at the other site, asking her what they were about and why she swore so much. She deleted them, saying I had blasphemed the holy spirit, so I reposted them... asking if WVU had a policy about using their computers to spread hate speech and the like.She told me she didn't go to WVU, I was clearly wrong and that she "was too old" to go to "university" and blamed the profanity-laced comments on the other blog on "Zach" whom had already apologized for doing such naughty things. I told her they weren't possibly from Zach (or he's the smartest 12 year old in the world), and then within a half-hour... the whole thing was gone.
I don't know about anyone else, but as I sit here and laugh hysterically, contemplating Maureen's accusation that Justin blasphemed the Holy Spirit, I have to admit that I'm going to miss the old broad.

UPDATE: It appears that we are witness to a resurrection, as Dying In Christ has been reincarnated as a blog "intended to start reflecting a more Unitarian/Universalist or a Secular Humanist point of view. More to follow :)".

Sounds like it won't be quite so funny, though.

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The Retropolitan said...

Yeah. I don't know if anything could ever be as funny as "you sexy little anime vixen." I'll miss her.