Friday, January 20, 2006

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl is a spammer

As readers of this blog know, I'm no supporter of George W. Bush. I've never contributed funds or worked to support the campaign of a Republican. Yet I received this spam email from Jon Kyl, who is apparently concerned about competition from Arizona Democratic Party chairman Jim Pederson in the next election. It's also interesting that Kyl's website is hosted in Canada, and his campaign webservers are hosted in New Jersey. Way to support your home state, Senator.
From: "Senator Jon Kyl"
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 23:57:14 -0500
Subject: I invite you to join my team...

Today I am writing you for two reasons. One is to say thank you for your past support of President Bush and a second is to ask for your help. I am not asking for money. I am simply asking for your time and energy in helping my reelection campaign.

First, thank you for your help in the 2004 election. Because of your hard work, we had a huge victory in Arizona. One of the key elements of victory was the organized force of Bush Volunteers who registered voters, made phone calls, walked neighborhoods, placed signs and bumper stickers, and helped get out the vote. It was a record setting year, and you were part of that team.

Second, I want to ask for your help. As you may know, I am running for reelection to the U.S. Senate. My opponent is the former Chairman of the Arizona Democrat Party, Jim Pederson. He has personally bankrolled the Democrats' efforts, including against President Bush, to date he has spent over $5 million on Democrats and their causes. He is a supporter of Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy and was a leader in John Kerry's failed presidential campaign. Not surprisingly, John Kerry now is Pederson's biggest contributor.

That is why I need your help. Television and radio alone will not win this election. In order to be successful, we will need to replicate the Bush Volunteer program to run our grass roots campaign. We are currently recruiting volunteers from across Arizona to join our campaign as Kyl Captains. As a Kyl Captain you will be integral in our network of individuals who are willing to help on the campaign. Whether you prefer registering voters, working the phones, or just talking with your friends and neighbors, you will be a critical component of my campaign. Because Jim Pederson will spend what it takes on television, it is very important to have a strong and active Arizona Team on the ground, registering and getting voters to the polls. I am convinced it is the key to victory in November 2006.

Please take a moment and visit and sign up as a Kyl Captain. Your personal commitment to this campaign will make all the difference. It has been the greatest honor of my life to represent the people of Arizona in the United States Senate. With your help I hope to continue that public service.

Again, thank you for your past work on behalf of the President and I look forward to working together in the future.


Jon Kyl
U.S. Senator

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to call my office at (602) 840-0306 or visit:

P.O. Box 10246 :: Phoenix, AZ 85064 ::

Paid for by Jon Kyl for U.S. Senate


cowmix said...

Wow.. I wonder how DID Kyle get your email? I think it would be worth a few minutes to investigate which organization sold you out.

Normally I wouldn't give it a thought were someone hosted their website (my hosting company derived 98% of its income from out of state customers). However, if I were a politician representing local interests, I would make damn sure I took advantage of local companies for any service I needed. And in regards to hosting, Arizona just isn't the birth place of web hosting, it is the home of the largest registrar in the world (GoDaddy).

Jim Lippard said...

Although I use unique email addresses for anything I sign up for, this came to my regular standard email address. I have written letters to Kyl in the distant past--I actually debated the war on drugs with him in the late 80's in a series of correspondence that was published by Peter Petrisko and advertised in his zine, _Burning Toddlers_, but I think that was before I had the domain.

I've also somehow ended up on Jeff Flake's (postal) mailing list and I've been sent a couple of signed photos of George W. and Laura Bush with thanks for my support.