Thursday, January 05, 2006

Baby Jesus Burning Party

"They were looking for things to do," Det. Ken Kelly said. "They told us, `We were going to have a baby Jesus burning party.'" One suspect told detectives, "We just wanted to see their heads burning," Kelly said.

The baby Jesus figures, now at the police station, were probably stolen from homes and churches around the Sayreville area within the past few weeks, officers said. "It looked like a maternity ward," Lt. Glenn Skarzynski said of the figurines. He added, "Anyone able to identify their particular baby Jesus will be able to be reunited."
(From Jamie Zawinski's blog.)


Allen Thompson said...

Local police officer taking a report: "Did your savior have any unusual marks or tattoos?"

Steven Carr said...

A report in the London Times said that many girls in Britain have more than one Barbie doll, and that a great number of them were subject to decapitation, burning and all sorts of cruelties.

Burning effigies is quite common, as is defacing of posters of people.

What is it about humans and their desire to mistreat and destroy representations of the human form?