Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sony DRM class action lawsuits

As reported at Brian Krebs' Washington Post blog, there has been a class action lawsuit filed against Sony in California and another one about to be filed in New York. The California lawsuit alleges violations of California's anti-spyware law, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and the California Unfair Competition law.

In other news from Krebs, there is now real malware exploiting Sony's DRM to hide itself. Krebs seems to be breaking the key news on this story--there are a number of other related articles on his blog worth reading, such as the one on Sony's past history of cavalier and inconsistent actions on DRM.

The EFF has an analysis of the EULA for Sony's software--it's something no reasonable person should agree to.

Back at Mark Russinovich's blog that exposed this issue and began the controversy, he rebuts a response from First 4 Internet, the implementers of the Sony DRM, and points out more evidence that their software is poorly written and can crash Windows.

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