Friday, November 11, 2005

Dembski continues to put his foot in it

Dembski still doesn't admit error--he says his copy of the filing (plaintiff's response to defendant's motion for summary judgment) doesn't have the Shallit deposition, implying that it wasn't part of the filing and Ed Brayton must be mistaken.

The Shallit deposition (in uncorrected form--the draft transcript of the deposition without errors corrected and edited) has been online at the NCSE's website at least since September 21.

It has been pointed out that the link above is to Shallit's expert witness statement, not the uncorrected deposition, which is in Appendix III, Tab O of the plaintiff's brief opposing the defendant's motion for summary judgment. Tab N is Shallit's disclosure statement.


Sylas said...

What you have linked there is not the deposition, but the expert witness statement. Many people are mixing up these two completely different things.

The uncorrect deposition is indeed on-line, and it has been there since Sept 20; but it is actually to be found at the NCSE website dug down deep into their list of documents associated with the trial. It appears as an appendix to the plaintiffs brief opposing summary judgement.

I'm not giving the link yet. It can be found fairly easily if you hunt through the website; but until the final transcript appears with Shallit's approval, I'll refrain from linking directly.

Jim Lippard said...

Thanks for the correction, I've added accurate links.

I don't understand why people are being secretive about the location of the link--it's a public record.