Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Murders pinned on suicidal, child molesting, gun toting priest

The February 5, 2002 murders of Dan O'Connell and James Ellison in a funeral home in Hudson, WI have now been pinned on Roman Catholic priest Fr. Ryan Erickson, who presided over O'Connell's funeral.

Erickson, who committed suicide this year after investigators started questioning him about involvement with O'Connell and Ellison's deaths, apparently had knowledge of those murders that had not been publicly disclosed.

The current theory is that a teenage boy in trouble with the law went to Erickson, a youth pastor, who on at least three occasions served that boy alcohol and molested him. Unnamed sources say that O'Connell, whose father is on the church council, learned of the charges and confronted Erickson, who killed him and his intern, University of Minnesota student Ellison.

While Erickson's parents said the evidence is "weak" and "our son had nothing to do with this awful crime"; a judge and DA considered it fairly conclusive, including a reported confession from Erickson to a deacon at the church.


ireadalot said...

I dopn't understand your blog and why it is here.
Father Ryan was not convicted of anything and the evidence points to nothing because there is no evidence.
His shoes, clothing, guns, everything came back clean. THere was no DNA found anywhere, even the footprints outside the funeral home were not Fathers. The "stuff" they found on his computer is quite suspect because none of it was there until he got to Hurley.
Mary pagel offers that she was at Wal-Mart with Dan and everyone says how polite and kind Dan was but yet Mary never tells us that Dan was on the phone the entire time they were supposedly meeting and he made the calls according to the police records! Isn't it funny that if she did have coiffe with him for an hor that he nbever mentioned that he and Father Ryan had a heated argument? or that he was constantly calling someone? Dan was also seen at the Alina Mediacal cli8nic at 10:00 trhat nmorning when Mary Pagel wa with him at Wal-mart from 9:30 to 10:30. How can he be in two polaces at one time. Mary Pagel also states in the court transcript that Father Ryan was wering jeans and a t-shirt when she saw him at 11:30 but Betty Caruso saw him at 11:30 wearing black, the kids at St. PAts said he never came to school in anything but his priestly clothes and thechilderen said he was at the school almost everyday and two children said they were with him at the school that day and they remembered everything right down to the weather.
Father never said on any of his interview sthat he remembered any times of anything he didi that day. The police were the ones who put times in. Father only remembered some things like that he went to the funelr home, the carmelites, tobacco shop and the CHurch oh and Jennies house. But he didn't rmember having Mass, seeing Pat at the church at 3:30, or even the reporter that came to the rectory that night. If Father did this than don't you think he would make sure he knew his alibi?
So many holes so many misconceptions. The police also turned around Father Andersons statements. Fr never said any of those things. Police led him by saying "Do you think its possible that"...that father lit a firecreacker...would go to beer can island....Father Anderson was angry that police did that.
Than theres the deacon. When the media first came to him he stated in two different interview that Father Ryan is a good man is not capable of murder. He said they felt this way from thier heart and he also said that Father ryan said to him"THEY THINK I did this and they're gonna get me" The deacons statemnts changed to he confessed. WHAT?
give me a break and do some resarch and read all the police reports and the interviews and the court hearing, than tell me you still believe it.
GOd Bless you

Jim Lippard said...

Ryan Erickson was not convicted of anything because he wasn't put on trial for anything, and he wasn't put on trial because he was already dead.

The testimony of the deacon, Russell Lundgren, in a court hearing is not what you say, according to this news article:

I don't understand your point about Mary Pagel and Dan O'Connell. Mary Pagel stated that Dan O'Connell told her he was going to confront Erickson, that she told him to go to the police, and he said he could handle it. He was murdered that day. When police interviewed Erickson, he knew details that the police had not disclosed to the public, including that O'Connell had been shot once in the back of the head while seated at his desk and Ellison had also been shot in the head. How did Erickson know these things if he wasn't the killer?

The material on his computer was photos of boys sleeping, in a folder named "my pictures/boys." If you think he was framed, who is the suspect, and why did Erickson kill himself?

Bishop Fliss has apologized for the actions of Erickson--he's apparently persuaded that Erickson committed these murders.

Another summary: