Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wine accelerator from SkyMall

If there was any doubt that the SkyMall catalog is full of bogus products that are complete ripoffs for idiots, that should be removed by this product--a "wine and liquor accelerator" that "surrounds the beverage with a powerful triangular-shaped magnetic field, and in just 10 seconds, you'll taste a premium drink's smooth, mellow flavor equal to years of traditional slow aging."

And here, Alex Chiu has been telling us that magnetic devices slow aging, not speed it up.

Not to mention that aging is not something that tends to improve the quality of wine.

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Schtacky said...

Jim - this is perhaps your most rhetorical post to date. I mean, where else in the world will afford you the opportunity to purchase a $200 dog bed that could be acquired at Costco for $25?