Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jeff Jacobsen article on Anonymous protests against Scientology

Jeff Jacobsen has written a detailed article about the Anonymous protests against Scientology, which brings the reader up-to-date on Internet-supported counter-Scientology protesting since the article we wrote for Skeptic in 1995, "Scientology v. the Internet: Free Speech and Copyright Infringement on the Information Superhighway."

The new article is called "We Are Legion: Anonymous and the War on Scientology." Check it out.

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Reed said...

I've read the first chapter. Jacobsen provides much detail on the CoS's missteps of which I've heard only bits and pieces over the years. Excellent stuff.

What made it especially engaging was having read and studied Shirky's book beforehand. Anonymous' protest serves as a fascinating example of undirected collective action of which Shirky basically said "it's coming."

IIRC, Shirky's book hit the shelves about the same time the Anonymous thing got big.