Friday, April 04, 2008

More "Expelled" dishonesty

Science Blogger (and 2007 Arizona Professor of the Year) John Lynch signed up for the Tempe screening of "Expelled" which was supposed to occur at 7 p.m. last night. He received an email on April 2 telling him that it had been cancelled.

But it wasn't cancelled--it was just moved to 6 p.m. (as Lynch had been informed in an earlier email), and went on at Arizona Mills Mall as planned. Apparently the producers just decided to screen out some of the prospective attendees by lying to them, and professors who win awards for the excellence of their teaching are considered undesirables. Lynch noted that others were cc'd on both of the notices he received, and that while those with email addresses containing names like "boughtbythecross," "homeschoolma," and "covenant-dad" apparently didn't receive the bogus cancellation notice.

Lynch's post has links to some comments containing reports of the event from those who still managed to attend.

UPDATE: In Louisville, Kentucky, they also claimed that a screening was cancelled, but a screening for students and staff at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary did take place on the appointed date, and the schedule of events shows the screening as having taken place. Again, "undesirables" were screened out and not informed of the change in venue.

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