Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Creation of an Evolutionist

Mike Beidler stopped by to post a comment on the post about "truth tickets," and I'm very pleased to see his blog, "The Creation of an Evolutionist," which describes his personal journey from being a young-earth creationist to accepting the fact and theory of evolution. It's people like Mike that are the most likely to have an influence on changing the minds of current young-earth creationists. Because of that, it's also the case that people like Mike often get to take even more heat from creationist organizations than we atheists receive. Those organizations are premised on the assumption that Christianity requires creationism, and Mike is a living, breathing, and forcefully arguing counterexample.

I, like Mike, used to be a young-earth creationist, but my journey continued on to the rejection of Christianity and theism.

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RBH said...

Mike is a genuinely good guy. I have participated in the comments on his blog, and it's been interesting. (In fact, I owe him and a couple of other commenters resposnes right now!)