Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Expelled" reviewed from a filmmaker's perspective

At the Evolved and Rational blog, John Ray gives a review of "Expelled" from a filmmaking perspective:
Cinematically, Expelled gets off to a lovely start. First-time director Nathan Frankowski chooses a nice, rich level of contrast and uses it to create some sparkling opening shots of our nation’s capitol. Those who knew what they were in for when they walked into the theater (presumably, most of the film’s so-far few attendees) were given an artistic visual rough outline of where the film was going. By the time we see Ben Stein taking a deep breath, looking indeed like “the little investigative journalist that could” in his trademark adorable little sneakers, the audience is practically eager to believe whatever he has to say.

Then he starts talking and the effect is ruined.

Poor narration, over- and under-exposed shots, "Lord Privy Seals," and endless footage of Ben Stein walking are a few of the technical complaints.

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