Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expelled Exposed!

The NCSE's "Expelled Exposed" website has now gone live, and it contains a wealth of factual background information about the alleged cases of suppression of intelligence design presented in the film "Exposed," as well as highlighting other information left out of the film and the story of the deceptive methods used by the producers of the film.

The home page of the site features the story of Chris Comer, Director of Science for the Texas Education Agency. Unlike any of the alleged victims of persecution in "Expelled," she was actually forced to resign from her position. Not because she was an advocate of intelligent design, but because she sent out an email announcing a university lecture by Barbara Forrest, a philosopher critical of intelligent design.

The next main area of the site is titled "The Truth Behind the Fiction," which has the following sections:

  • Evolution
  • Intelligent Design
  • Challenging Science
  • Science & Religion
  • Hitler & Eugenics
  • Richard Sternberg
  • Guillermo Gonzalez
  • Caroline Crocker
  • Robert Marks
  • Pamela Winnick
  • Michael Egnor
The next area of the site, "Behind the Scenes," explains the deception, dishonesty, and hypocrisy of the makers of the film:
  • What is Premise Media?
  • Questionable Interview Tactics
  • Marketing with a Motive
  • Silencing the Dissenters
Finally, the last section of the site is a collection of resources which has been on the site for some time, but is constantly growing--a list of news coverage and reviews of the film.

Check out the site for the facts that the makers of "Expelled" don't want you to see.

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