Friday, March 28, 2008

Scientology OT levels leaked through Wikileaks

All of Scientology's Operating Thetan (OT) levels have now been leaked through Wikileaks, which may account for considerable slowness of that website. Although at the very least large parts of these documents have previously leaked on the Internet (via Usenet) back in the mid-nineties, which led to multiple lawsuits by the Church of Scientology against those responsible, this may be the first time the entire 612-page manual of OT levels 1-8 has been circulating on the Internet.

I think it's likely that Scientology will be filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Wikileaks, which is distributing the document in a single large PDF.


David Gerard said...

But will they make a copyright violation claim against these versions of OT 8? If these are verified as accurate, that'll be a major win for Scientology scholarship.

D.A. Reaume said...

It's ironic, $cientology vigorously denies that the story of Xenu & the alien parasites (level OT 3) that are the source of all our mental/physical emotional problems are not part of their teachings or tech, yet whenever it's reprinted (in LRH's own handwriting) they claim copyright/trademark over it. Supposedly it's denied for our own good as LRH (bless his heart) warned that those who haven't studied the prep work leading up to this level will experience insomnia & other problems & could eventually die of pneumonia if they are exposed to this knowledge too early. In order to avoid death, (aka the wall of fire) one must study for 5-7 yrs (at the low price of 80-100 grand) so they are ready to learn this safely. Those $cientologist are always looking out foe our best interest. I know that the story of the virgin Mary giving birth to a child that can walk on water & turn water into wine sounds odd, but at least Christians openly acknowledge this & don't charge a cent for their services (however donations are kindly accepted). Maybe I'm just not ready to understand the rational, perhaps some classes at the new "Superpower Center" would enlighten me.