Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pat Boone's Limitless Stupidity

Pat Boone writes a column in which he imagines a conversation between himself and Thomas Jefferson, in which he completely misrepresents Jefferson's views and quite a few facts. Ed Brayton supplies a critique. (You can find the link to Boone's column there.)


olvlzl said...

Pat Boone writes fan fiction. Look at his history, his entire career was based on covers, stealing the work of superior black artists and white washing them. It's just more of the same for the zit meds huckster.

Anthony McCarthy, who someday will stop reminding people that he used to be covered by olvlzl

olvlzl said...

Oh. And that he'd try to appropriate Jefferson should give people pause. A large percentage of the trouble with the United States government stems from Jefferson and his associates. The "founding fathers" were a bunch of slave holders, pirates and crooks whose well founded distrust of each other makes the reform of the constitution they provided next to impossible. We won't ever get anywhere until we junk the founders.

Anthony McCarthy