Saturday, March 08, 2008

Expelled Exposed

The National Center for Science Education has put up a website,, to respond to the dishonest intelligent design movie featuring Ben Stein, Expelled. The current content is links to news coverage and reviews of the movie, but I expect the site will become more interesting when the movie is actually released on April 18.


george said...

It should be noted for the benefit of fair minded readers here that...every one of the allegations made on the "EXPOSED" site are...false. Not merely inaccurate, but intentionally so.

Fortunately, the film EXPELLED will serve as its own refutation of these allegattions. The lies will in fact corroborate the main point of the film, which is a chronicle of the depths to which Big Science will sink, when it is questioned in the harsh light of day.


Jim Lippard said...


Please identify one false allegation on the site. You can't, because the only "allegations" on the Exposed site at the moment are a list of links to reviews and news coverage of the film.

You've made an accusation of not only falsehood, but of dishonesty, yet it's you who is dishonest. Are you part of the Expelled PR team? We already know that the producers of the film are liars, who obtained footage of people in their film by telling them that the film was something other than it actually was.

george said...

It's like I said, Jim. Exactly like I said.Trust me on this, you'll look better later, when you can see for yourself. :)


Jim Lippard said...

George: You're being evasive.

Identify one falsehood on the site. Here's the complete contents of the site at the moment:

Keep checking this space for the National Center for Science Education's official response to Expelled; for now, we hope you will find this collection of resources helpful.
Reviews of Expelled from those who have seen it

* Colorado Confidential: Science Sunday: Intelligent Design Goes to the Movies
* The Orlando Sentinel: Is Ben Stein the new face of Creationism?
* The Screengrab: Screengrab Exclusive Preview: EXPELLED - NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED

Other News Coverage of Expelled

* New York Times: Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life's Origin
* The New University (University of California Irvine): I.D. Rakes it in and Gets Rake in Face
* Encyclopedia Britannica Blog: How Low Can Ben Stein Go? (To the Maligning of Charles Darwin)

For more information on creationism and evolution, see NCSE's main website at

You've claimed that "every one of the allegations made on the 'EXPOSED' site are...false." I've just listed the entire site's content above, so point out a falsehood. Once you've done so, provide your evidence that it is "Not merely inaccurate, but intentionally so."

Jim Lippard said...


The last time I received a bunch of blog comments from people associated with an upcoming movie who didn't like what I said about it was the film "Untraceable," which I predicted would do poorly and get bad reviews. The people associated with the movie disputed my position, but I turned out to be correct.

I predict "Expelled" will similarly do poorly and get bad reviews, despite your efforts.

Jim Lippard said...

After a showing of "Expelled" led to a negative review by Dan Whipple, press invited to subsequent screenings have been asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. A press conference on the film to which Whipple was invited screened questions from reporters, so that only four questions were answered in 50 minutes, all light-weight questions. Whipple's submitted question was ignored.

Whipple gives his account of that here.

"Expelled"'s producers claim they are fighting censorship, but they've demonstrated hypocrisy on that score.

Reed E said...

It seems that George's first comment was a preemptive strike against what he anticipates to be damning content to be added to the site?

The action strikes me as both opportunistic and disingenuous.

Jim Lippard said...

You're probably right. I don't think George will be back.

Yesterday's New York Times has the story of film critic Roger Moore being disinvited from a screening of "Expelled."

Jim Lippard said...

Looks like only 100 people showed up for a *free* showing of Expelled at a Florida theater.