Tuesday, March 04, 2008

McCain thankful for support of raving nutcase

John McCain is "very honored" for the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel, a televangelist who thinks that the Jews provoked the Holocaust, that the Illuminati is engaged in conspiratorial control of the world's governments, that the Catholic Church is the "whore of Babylon" in the Book of Revelations, that George Washington hid a picture of a menorah in the tailfeathers of the eagle on the dollar bill, and that a U.S. invasion of Iran is prophesied by the Bible.

Ed Brayton has discussed Hagee's views, and Troutfishing at Daily Kos has some videos documenting Hagee absurdity.

UPDATE (May 22, 2008): Finally, McCain has repudiated Hagee's endorsement, claiming that he's only just learned of his nastier views and remarks.

UPDATE (May 23, 2008): Hume's Ghost points out the difference between McCain's relationship with Hagee and Parsley, and Obama's relationship with Wright, as well as the extremely nasty anti-Semitic remarks from Hagee that prompted McCain's repudiation (all Jews have "dead souls," for example).


enigma_foundry said...

But so, when does this get covered by the media to the extent that Obama's endorsement by Louis Farrakhan has been?

nate said...

Is Hagee's organization considered for-profit, or non-profit?

Mark E. Chopko, the general counsel, said: ''During an election campaign, exempt organizations remain free to address issues of concern to them and to their membership, even when such issues are relevant to the campaign. However, such discourse must focus on issues and NOT PERSONALITIES.''


Jim Lippard said...

Hagee has at least three organizations:

* Cornerstone Church, where he's pastor
* John Hagee Ministries, where he's President and CEO
* Christians United for Israel, where he's Founder and National Chairman

I would guess that all three are 501(c)(3) religious organizations; CUFI definitely is.

Note that the "general counsel" you mention is general counsel of the United States Catholic Conference.

Hume's Ghost said...

Christians United for Israel

The full name is silent:

Christians United for Israel so that we Can See the Jews Burn in Hell When Christ Returns.

Nothing as charming as antiSemitic zionism.

Hume's Ghost said...

No one makes much of an issue over Republicans getting endorsed by Pat Robertson, either, despite him being a anti-Semitic conspiracist and extremist, too.

Shows you how effective the Drudge-Hannity-Limbaugh axis of misinformation is at getting their b.s. out there.

nate said...

Thanks for the input!

Even so, I thought there were federal regulations placed on non-profits when it came to endorsement...I thought Dobson and Focus on the Family were under pressure in recent times. I could be wrong.

Jim Lippard said...

Nate: You're right that 501(c)(3)'s cannot endorse candidates, but Hagee can do so as an individual.