Sunday, March 25, 2007

The warrant canary

You aren't allowed to say if you've received a National Security Letter. But there's no law that says you can't say that you haven't received one.

Thus, has a "warrant canary"--they periodically post a cryptographically signed statement that they have not, to date, received any PATRIOT Act warrants or had any searches and seizures. If they stop updating the statement, then you can draw your own conclusions.

The second of these library signs uses the same principle: "The FBI has not been here [watch closely for removal of this sign]."

(Via jwz's blog, where some commenters question whether the recent Washington Post piece by the recipient of a National Security Letter is truthful. Note that the ACLU has a lawsuit going on about this case, which I previously noted back in 2005.)


Einzige said...

I take it we should then read between the lines with respect to you and your employer, then.

Mark Lindsey said...

It's interesting now that the "weekly" warrant canary is now two full weeks old.

Does anybody know how reliable is about updating the warrant canary weekly?

Jim Lippard said...

Just checked it, and it's current for today.