Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Arizona Republic's editors are (expletives)

Under the headline "Sienna Miller's rabbit sex" on the website appeared the following expurgated story, which seems dirtier to me than the unexpurgated one:
Sienna Miller enjoys watching rabbits have sex.
"At least we got a (expletive)[1] bunny out of it."

Meanwhile, Sienna has revealed her motto for 2007 is to be a (expletive)[2].
Sienna said: "Apparently, I've (expletive)[3] half of Hollywood. And it's not true. This year is the Year of the (expletive)[4] Spread 'em! That's my motto for 2007.
I mentally filled those blanks with words more extreme than what she actually said--I only got the first one right. The Guardian published the unexpurgated and boring details, under the less titillating headline "'I always end up putting my big fat foot in it'":

[1] fucking (I got this one right)
[2] slut
[3] shagged
[4] slut

So which newspaper is pandering more to prurient interests?

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