Friday, March 09, 2007

Why Arizona doesn't go on daylight savings time

The Arizona Republic has a story on why Arizona doesn't go on daylight savings time--it was attempted in 1967 and reversed by the state legislature in 1968, when Sandra Day O'Connor was Senate Majority Leader. The feds gave Arizona an exemption from daylight savings time on January 4, 1974, two days before a mandate for states to go on daylight savings time.

As I like to say, Arizona has so much daylight we don't bother to save any.

One positive side-effect--no issues over this year's DST changes in Arizona (except for companies that operate across multiple states).

UPDATE (March 13, 2007): Long or Short Capital offers some funny additional speculation on why Arizona doesn't go on Daylight Savings Time.


cowmix said...

Yeah.. I love the fact that we don't do daylight savings except when I have meetings with people outside of the state. I end up being late (or early) to those said meetings for a few days after the change.

chipmunk said...

Daylight savings time why do we have to mess with father time? I would rather stay on standard so all the usa is on the same time.