Sunday, March 11, 2007

Battlestar Galactica, CSI: Miami, and the semiotics of shades

Check out this hilarious compilation of David Caruso one-liner clips from CSI: Miami. (Caruso aspires to fill Shatner's shoes, as Kat likes to point out.)

Next, this Warren Ellis commentary on the role of sunglasses in CSI: Miami.

Then, this review of tonight's Battlestar Galactica (which contains spoilers, and if you've already seen it, pay close attention to the remarks about the opening credit survivor count).

And Warren Ellis's response.

(Via Wolven's LiveJournal.)


Kat Lippard said...

Sweetheart, you stole my Caruso is the new Shatner line... You should give me credit for that one.

Jim Lippard said...

I've updated it so that you get the appropriate credit...

Einzige said...

You guys really think he's up to that level?

I mean, Shatner's got some big shoes to fill!

Jim Lippard said...

Caruso has the bad acting and delivery down, as well as the sense of self-importance, but he doesn't seem like he has the sense of humor. I can't see him doing a "three Carusos" performance of "Rocket Man."