Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Steep Cliff--Phoenix Notices of Trustee's Sales

Einzige has posted the latest graph for notices of trustee's sales in Phoenix, and concludes:
It would seem, now, that the question is no longer "Is there a housing bubble?", but "How big is the pop going to be?"
Check it out here.

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Einzige said...

A bit of an update, in lieu of putting up a whole new graph (which I will do in February):

December saw a slight dip in the numbers, with the total getting to "only" 1407 notices recorded--79 less than November.

However, January 2nd saw an astounding 98 notices filed that day. If the past week's pace keeps up, this month's total is likely to beat the 11-year high (1738, set in January of '03). If it weren't for the MLK holiday, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of surpassing 2000!

Stay tuned.