Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Special rights for religions

A school in Virginia was threatened with a lawsuit by the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel if they didn't permit a Baptist church to send home flyers with students. The school permitted this to happen, and in order to comply with the First Amendment, they permitted other religious groups to do the same. Now that a local Unitarian Church has sent home a flyer advertising a look at the history of December traditions (apparently including the contributions of Christianity, Judaism, and pagan religions) and "a Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule," there is outrage.

It's hypocrisy to suggest that gays who seek to be able to marry and not to be fired because of their sexual orientation are demanding "special rights," while actually demanding that one religion be given special privileges that others must be denied. That hypocrisy is on display at the WorldNetDaily.

There are two reasonable, constitutional policies for the school--permit all religious groups to submit flyers for distribution, or not permit any of them to do so. (In my opinion, schools shouldn't be sending home anything with students that isn't from the school itself.)

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