Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sachs: Hayek was wrong

Jeffrey Sachs argues that higher taxes and social safety nets produce better results than laissez-faire capitalism.


Einzige said...

Stefan Karlsson, Swede and undoubtedly one of the horrible "ideologues" that Sachs is attacking, responds here.

Einzige said...

Another ideologue responds, as well as linking to yet another ideologue's ideological response.

Leo said...

Oh, my, is Milton Friedman even buried yet? Shouldn't there be a 90 day moratorium on such articles in memory of?

Seriously, this is an interesting article. I wonder how the poverty spending numbers are affected by charitable giving, supposing there is some relevancy, that is, between a nations poverty spending and charitable giving.

I wonder too if the climate in the Nordic countries is some incentive for people to work.