Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Secret FISA Court

Via Steve's No Direction Home Page:

Apparently presidential wiretapping is frowned upon--when it's done by Clinton.

Some of the reader comments are hilarious, viz.:

"Any chance of Bush rolling some of this back?"

"As quietly as possible (although it sometimes breaks out into the open, usually with the sound of gunfire and the death of innocents), a "shadow government" has been set up all around us my friend. It's foundation is not the constitution, but Executive Orders, Presidential Procalamations, Secret Acts, and Emergency Powers."

"This is wherein the danger lies in the precedent set by the Clinton criminal administration. God only knows who will be in power next, but there are no checks and balances anymore. This is exactly the SORT of thing I've been protesting all along. Libs just don't see this!"

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cowmix said...

Better yet... check out what this very influential law professor wrote about the presidency and the law back in 2000.