Thursday, February 02, 2006

Danish Mohammed cartoons reprinted in France and Norway--and Lebanon

The Danish cartoons of Mohammed have been reprinted in both Norway and France (and may be seen at the link at left). These cartoons have led to hostages being taken, death threats against the cartoonists, and the withdrawal of ambassadors to Denmark by Libya and Saudi Arabia. The reprinting has led to further Muslim outrage, apologies from the publishers, and some firings. Norway has given a state apology and made noises about restricting freedom of speech regarding anti-religious statements. France and Denmark have refused to make state apologies and have defended freedom of speech. The EU and UN have come out against freedom of speech, which are good reasons to oppose UN control of the Internet.

By the way, here are some other cartoons about Mohammed and Islam (thanks to Einzige for the reference).

UPDATE: A magazine in Lebanon, Shihan, has reprinted the cartoons, and in an article with the subheading "World's Muslims, be logical," Jihad Momani (a pseudonym?) asks, “Which one do you think damages Islam more? These cartoons or the scene of a suicide bomber who blows himself up outside a wedding ceremony in Amman, or the kidnappers that slaughters their victims before the cameras?” (Hat tip: Catallarchy, which I inexplicably failed to credit for their posting which first led me to this subject.)


Heathen Dan said...

What can I say, those Near Eastern Muhammedans are just Medieval reactionaries whose society hasn't embraced progress since the Crusades. Those cartoons are rather tame, imo, and hardly raises a chuckle.

The cartoons in that other link you posted are more confrontational. For comedy, you may enjoy this.

Jim Lippard said...

Great cartoon, thanks for the link, Dan!