Monday, February 06, 2006

My contribution to "theistic science"

A few recent things I've read, from an advocate of presuppositionalism, from philosopher Evan Fales, and from a book by neurologist V. S. Ramachandran, combined to lead me to propose an experimental test of the claim that atheists don't really exist--that we all believe in God, but have a second-order self-deceptive belief that we don't believe in God. Unfortunately, I don't think the test is likely to work (I haven't noticed myself believing in God while riding as a passenger in a car watching the landscape go by), but this illustrates the kind of empirical work that could be done by those who claim to advocate "theistic science."

It seems to me the real self-deception is on the part of those who claim to advocate theistic science but not even make any attempt to do it.

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spyder said...

These would be the same sort of people who would suggest that a person who swore blasphemously by taking the name of god or jesus in "vain" must believe in the divine because they said it. "God damn it" becomes validation of the hidden belief of an athiest??? mmmm