Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nellie adopted

Last weekend, our foster dog Nellie was adopted. We fostered her for the past five months, a little longer than our average foster time of three months per dog since we started fostering dogs in October 2003 for R.E.S.C.U.E.

Nellie was an owner turn-in to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. She's a very shy dog who did not do well in the noisy kennel environment and was on her way to euthanization. While in our care she did not fully overcome her shyness and skittishness, but she got much better and was very happy in our house. Our house is quieter without her and we miss her, but she found a great home.


Einzige said...

How do you determine what animal you're going foster?

Kat Lippard said...

There are a couple of ways to get a foster through RESCUE. Our first few fosters were dogs we saw on their web site that we liked and thought would fit into our family. Other times, we'd get a call about a dog that had to get into a foster home due to illness (such as kennel cough) and had to leave the boarding facility. Or, the boarding facility was full and a dog needed a foster home. Nellie was with another foster, but was not getting along with one of the resident dogs, so we took her in. We have a few preferences when taking in a new foster - must be dog-friendly and get along with our Shelby - you know she can be picky sometimes.