Sunday, October 02, 2005

Where's Wanchick?

I'm sure this is a tired argument - but then again, what argument isn't tired when you're dealing with creationists?

Take a look at these optical illusions. On the one hand, they're fun and kinda neat, but on the other hand, they're profoundly disturbing. Most importantly, however, they are persuasive evidence against any sort of "intelligent" designer. For me, the second one (the one with the blue and yellow boxes) is particularly compelling. What kind of intelligent, all-powerful, loving God would make motion detection color-blind?

In thinking about this, the problem extends well beyond visual perception. Why would an intelligent designer make our memories so imperfect? For example, I can recall absolutely nothing about second grade--and much of what I recall about first grade is probably wildly inaccurate (hell, much of what I recall about last week is probably wrong). Why is that (assuming a loving God, I mean)?

I bet I know the answer already: we "fell from grace" and we're being punished because of it. Right?

(Hat tip: Steve's No Direction Home)

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