Sunday, October 30, 2005

Deception by Dover Defendant William Buckingham

Dover Area School Board member William Buckingham gave testimony in the trial, contradicting his sworn depositions on a number of points. First, he had been quoted numerous times as calling for creationism to be taught in schools to balance out evolution, then denied it in deposition. On the stand, he admitted it, and that his statement in his sworn deposition was false. Second, he had claimed in deposition that he had no idea who purchased the 60 copies of Of Pandas and People which were donated to the school. On the stand, he admitted that he was the one who asked for donations in church and wrote the check to Donald Bonsall have the books purchased.

This is the same guy who stood up at a school board meeting and said, "Two thousand years ago, someone died on a cross. Can't someone take a stand for him?"

Way to be a model of moral behavior, Bill!

Looks like Dover Area School Board member Heather Geesey has also contradicted her deposition statements. (More on Geesey at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.)


Karen Castevens said...

First of all, I can see how someone can't remember the EXACT same thing one time to another. Whether anyone agrees to it or not, Jesus died for your sins on the cross and YES...God made every living creature and plant in this world! PERIOD!!! I would rather believe and find out I am wrong...than to have to find out one day it is true and go eternity and HELL!!!!

Einzige said...

Karen, do you use modern medicine at all?

Jim Lippard said...


This isn't a case of someone having slight discrepancies in testimony between two times. It's a case of denying any knowledge of an event that he was directly involved in.

That's lying, a violation of one of the Ten Commandments. Surely you don't mean to defend that?