Saturday, October 01, 2005

Baylor student accused of terrorism for parody email

After an offended student, Christopher Stone, walked out of an Intro to Neuroscience lecture when the professor stated that the Bible is not a science textbook, he sent an email to his classmates explaining his actions. Another student, Cody Cobb, sent out a parody email, which led to a visit from the Baylor police. The latter student has blogged the details. Via Pharyngula.

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Einzige said...

You have to be seriously humor-impaired to not know that the guy's email was a joke, and that's even without having received the original. The people who complained must be insufferably dull to be around.

I'm also amused by the alleged claim by the cops that "we have Columbines and 9/11s all over the place." Oh really? School shootings and collapsing buildings are "all over the place"? I can only hope that this was Mr. Cobb adding color to the dialog. Can there really be cops who believe that large-scale, headline-grabbing terrorist acts in the U.S. are ongoing and commonplace?