Friday, October 21, 2005

AmEx sues Savvis CEO for nonpayment of strip club tab

American Express has filed a lawsuit against Savvis CEO Robert A. McCormick for his failure to pay a $241,000 credit card bill full of charges from the strip club Scores in October 2003, where he was present with "at least three other men."

I remember hearing stories of similar activity by sales executives at Genuity before the dot-com bust (no pun intended).

Savvis' deputy general counsel says that he disputed the charges with AmEx and that they believe he was the victim of fraud by Scores.

This is apparently the third such lawsuit from AmEx involving disputed Scores bills (the other two were for $28,000 and $129,000). Scores spokesman Lonnie Hanover says that high rollers who visit the "super elite President's Club" at Scores often spend thousands of dollars on single bottles of champagne and give strippers tips as large as $10,000. Sounds like a clip joint to me.

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mr fixit said...

yea right. its more like $10000 tips that are imaginary because when you are so drunk and they rack up the fake bill on you, they ask you to sign the credit card bill at the end of the night when you are drunk for things you didnt order. then you wake up and dont remember anything or what the hell they put on the bill. typical scumbag nightclub move. they should have brought a fake $40 ID and called in the card stolen before walking in that place. such newbs.