Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bob Larson is still around and performing exorcisms

Pierre Stromberg has an entertaining tale of his visit to a performance by former radio broadcaster, self-proclaimed cult expert, and exorcist Bob Larson at his new Paranormal Amerika blog. Larson suffered a significant blow to his career as a result of criticisms from his fellow Coloradoan Ken Smith's "Bob Larson Fan Club." Further damage came from exposure at the hands of Cornerstone magazine, which published carefully investigated exposures of deception, misuse of funds, fabricated biographical events, and so forth. Others exposed by Cornerstone included alleged former Satanist turned Christian comedian Mike Warnke and claimed Satanic ritual abuse victim "Lauren Stratford," author of Satan's Underground.

Larson is, unfortunately, now based here in the Phoenix area, with his "Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix" at 9096 E. Bahia Drive in Scottsdale, though for some reason it has a mailing address of a post office box in Denver.


nihiliad said...

I once heard Bob Larson perform a radio exorcism of "demons of masturbation", leading a misguided young man, troubled at his delight and frequency in yanking his own crank, in an exorcism prayer with verses such as "I crucify my flesh!"

John Lynch said...

Scottsdale, eh?

I am *so* sensing a field-trip at some stage :)

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

*as if I were at a support meeting*

Hi, my name is Mike and I once gave money to Bob Larson.

What a freaking charlatan. His brand of Christianity is what I like to call Dungeons and Dragons Christianity or just Roleplay Christianity. His "exorcisms" have all the elements of a bad D&D campaign.

Reed said...

Larson is [no longer in Denver and] now based here in the Phoenix area

You're welcome. :^)

Jim Lippard said...

Reed: Now you know how the Australians feel about Ken Ham.

forevernitefan said...

Larson has one mansion in Vail, CO, and another at Scottsdale. AZ. He used to broadcast his radio show from Denver and accepted donations from that PO box in Denver and STILL does. That explains the donation address.

Larson is a charlatan who uses stage hypnosis and shills in " exorcisms". I've kept an eye out on him and you can look through my LiveJournal for past posts I've made on him.( forevernitefa)

Michael A. Stackpole said...

I have attended two of his exorcisms, and have followed Bob's antics for a long time. He was once challenged to debate me on the gaming = murder controversy, but balked.

If there's a field trip to see him in action again, count me in.