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The Arizona Skeptic online: vol. 1, 1987-1988

I've begun putting old issues of The Arizona Skeptic online as PDFs, starting with the old Phoenix Skeptics News, edited by Ron Harvey. Volume 2, 1988-1989, is here.

An index to all issues by title, author, and subject may be found here.

Phoenix Skeptics News vol. 1, no. 1, July/August 1987
  • Welcome!
  • July Meeting
  • Resource Library
  • "Cold Reading" by Jim Lippard
  • Local Radio Talk Show Features Psychics
  • Modem Users Take Note
  • "Foes Turn Up Heat: Fire walking is not so hot, skeptics of seminars say" by Simon Fisher, Tribune
  • Postscript by Jim Lippard
  • Book Reviews
  • Local Conference on Health Fraud
  • Upcoming Phoenix Skeptics Meetings
Phoenix Skeptics News vol. 1, no. 2, September/October 1987:
  • August Meeting: Hans Sebald on witchcraft
  • September Meeting: Charles Cazeau on prophecies of Nostradamus
  • Surveyor Needed
  • Randi on Faith Healers (interviewed by Jim Lippard and Mike Norton)
  • "Health Fraud isn't 'snake oil' anymore" by Phyllis Gillespie, Arizona Republic
  • "Charlatans can be spotted if you know common clues" (Arizona Republic)
  • "Proper Criticism" by Ray Hyman
  • Upcoming Meetings
Phoenix Skeptics News vol. 1, no. 3, November/December 1987:
  • October Meeting: Halloween party at Hans Sebald's
  • November Meeting: James Randi psychic surgery video, Randy Jones on psychic surgery
  • Papers ignore disclaimer request on astrology columns
  • Flyers needed
  • Psychic fair
  • "Focus on You" by Jim Lippard
  • "Channeling: Believe It or Not" by Hans Sebald, Ph.D.
  • "Book Review: The Faith Healers by James Randi" reviewed by Jim Lippard
  • "On the distinction between nonbelief and disbelief" by Hans Sebald, Ph.D.
  • "Book Review: The Psychology of Transcendence by Andrew Neher" reviewed by Jim Lippard
  • Editor's Ramblings
  • Upcoming Meetings
Phoenix Skeptics News vol. 1, no. 4, January/February 1988:
  • December Meeting: Jim Speiser and Marge Christenson of MUFON
  • January Meeting: Robert Dietz of ASU on creationism
  • Philip Klass Lecture
  • Skeptics Reorganized
  • Skeptics subcommittees formed
  • "Peter Popoff Came to Town" by Jim Lippard
  • "Towards a more effective organization" by Bob Guzley
  • "Update on the Radiocarbon Dating of the Shroud of Turin" by Jim Lippard
  • New Phone Number
  • Editor's Ramblings
  • Upcoming Meetings
Phoenix Skeptics News vol. 1, no. 5, March/April 1988:
  • Important Announcement!
  • February Meeting: Jeff Jacobsen on Scientology
  • Philip Klass Lecture
  • March Meeting: Mike Stackpole on claimed dangers of D&D
  • The Organization Explained!
  • "Frank Baranowski: Promoter of the Paranormal" by Jim Lippard
  • "Book Review: The New Inquisition by Robert Anton Wilson" reviewed by Jim Lippard
  • "Robert Anton Wilson and the H.E.A.D. Revolution" by Zak Woodruff
  • Editor's Ramblings
  • Upcoming Meetings
Phoenix Skeptics News, vol. 1, no. 6, May/June 1988:
  • April Meeting: James Lowell on Mexican cancer clinics
  • May Meeting: Jim Lippard on psychic detectives
  • Press coverage
  • "Turin Shroud Update" by Jim Lippard
  • "Dr. Stranges Lives Up to His Name" by Mike Stackpole
  • "Near-Death Experiences and TV" by Jim Lippard
  • "An Artistic 'Phenom'" by Ted Karren
  • "Psychic Detectives" by Jim Lippard
  • Editor's Ramblings
  • "TUSKS Tips" by Ken Morse
  • Upcoming Meetings
The last issue of this volume was the first one also distributed to the Tucson Skeptical Society (TUSKS), and prompted a change of name to The Arizona Skeptic beginning with volume 2. This was also about the time I moved to Tucson to attend graduate school at the University of Arizona (August 1988).

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